Team Building

Winning teams are unified in purpose and in their commitment to success. Team Builder's programs are designed to motivate people through shared goals, the experience of high-profile success, and recognition for individual contributions to that success.

Individuals develop a new sense of self-esteem and self-awareness as they experience the difference between what they thought they could accomplish and what they actually can.

Your organization will gain team members with more confidence to bring forth creative new ideas, to successfully complete difficult tasks, and to anticipate and cope with change and unfamiliar situations.

Quality, service and value that exceed your expectations!

Choose from one of our standard themes or programs, or share your ideas and let us design a custom program just for you!

Your choice of locations or we can help you choose one. With our Portable Challenge Course we can conduct your program virtually anywhere. Bringing the program to you saves valuable time and transportation expense.

You choose the level of physical and/or Intellectual challenge that is appropriate to the abilities and goals of your group.

Personality-Based Team Building

             Use of a personality questionnaire which will not only teach about the personality of each individual but also about the personality of other members of the team.

Activity-Based Team Building

             Activity-Based Team Building which comprises a fulfilment of perplexing tasks, most often in an outdoor set up, such as mountain climbing, trekking and a lot more. Teamwork from all members of the team is required in these activities, for them to succeed with the challenges.

Skills-Based Team Building

             Developing certain skills, such as the positive reception to criticism, dealing with conflict, effective team meetings and more. With the development of these skills during the activities and workshops, it is possible to create a more effective team if the skills acquired are applied in the workplace.

Problem Solving-Based Team Building

             Problem Solving-Based Team Building which is frequently executed at an outside event but can also be applied to an indoor challenge. This type of team building is aimed at helping the team unravel and solve certain problems given by the facilitator. The members of the group will then work together to identify the challenges and possible solutions while trying to work as excellently as possible in solving the problem.